Commission Membership

Officers (2018-2019)
Section 1. The officers of the commission shall consist of chairperson, vice-chairperson, and secretary. The officers shall be elected annually by commission members in the spring before June 30. Officers assume their responsibilities at the first meeting of the commission after July 1.

Pastor: Fr. Jerry W. Blake
Chairperson: Karen Kienzle
Vice Chairperson: 
Secretary: Leigh Faaborg

Section 2. Members of the commission shall be elected and appointed for a term of three years and may be reelected for a second term. A commission member having served two consecutive terms may again be a candidate for commission membership after a lapse of at least one year.

Cluster Staff

Fr. Jerry W. Blake Pastor (ex-officio voting member)
Karen Newman, Cluster Pastoral Minister (ex-officio non-voting member)
Gloria Kisor, Cluster CRE (ex-officio non-voting member)

Representatives By Parish

St. John Parish, Clarion

 Mary Davis (Elected)
JoEllen Woodin (Elected)
Becky Bradburn (Elected)

St. Francis Xavier Parish, Belmond

Leigh Faaborg (Elected)
Bobbi McVey (Elected)
Nathan McVey (Elected)

Sacred Heart Parish, Eagle Grove

Jenny Zigrang (Elected)
Karen Kienzle (Elected)
Julie Schreiber (Elected)