Committees & Organizations

The following is a list of various organizations that interact and work in the parish.  These groups meet monthly and provide many of the services, opportunities, and events that the church has to offer.  Many of these organizations, with the exception of the Cluster Faith Formation Committee and  Cluster Pastoral Council, are comprised of volunteers from the parish.  If you are a  member of one of our Cluster parishes interested in becoming a volunteer, please feel free to contact the parish office. Please note: this list is a general overview of the committees and organizations.  Functions of the committees may change due to need and parish. Not all committees and organizations are at all parishes.


Cluster Pastoral Council: Advisory body that provides leadership, spiritual direction and encouragement to the parish community and cluster to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ today.  It role is visionary and acts as an advisory council to the pastor.  Members of the pastoral council are both appointed and elected. 

Finance Committee: Responsible for planning and supervising the financial affairs of the parish.  It is concerned with the budget, stewardship, church support and maintenance of the parish. Members of the finance committee are appointed. 

Cluster Faith Formation Commission: Monitors and evaluates the catechetical program that has been designed to meet the educational needs of the parish community.  They work closely with the Coordinator of Religious Education and the catechists to establish policies and programs. 

Maintenance & Grounds Committee: A subcommittee of the Finance Committee that attends to the maintenance and upkeep of the physical church. 

Cluster Liturgy Committee: Responsible for the church environment, selection of hymns to complement the Word of God and provides training for the various ministries of the liturgy.  

Altar Society:  Assist with the care and upkeep of the Altar. May also hold fundraisers and events to help raise money for the parish. (Sacred Heart & St. John only)

Social Justice Committee:
Promotes serving others in their time of need.  They organize activities, collections, and response to the social justice problems of today.

Parish Life Committee: Organizes many of the parish events that strengthen Christian community and family life.  It fosters a sense of belonging among the members of the parish as well as welcoming new members into the parish community.  (Sacred Heart & St. Francis Xavier Parishes only)

Sacred Heart Guild: Organizes functions and fundraisers for the parish. Assist in purchasing needed items and paying for parish upkeep. (Sacred Heart only)

Knights of Columbus: An active, fraternal organization of men that donate money to many community projects through their fundraisers.  They also provide numerous scholarships to graduating seniors and assist with many other parish activities as well as promoting Respect for Life.  

Catholic Daughters of America:  This organization supports the White Ribbon Campaigning against pornography, Morality in Media, and provides scholarships for graduating seniors.  The CDA motto is "Unity and Charity".  It is affiliated with the state and national organizations.