Council Membership

Officers (2019-2020)

1. The pastor presides over the Cluster Pastoral Council.
2. Other officers are: the chair, the vice chair, and the secretary.  Note: A recorder may be appointed from outside the membership of the council to take minutes, but s/he is neither an officer nor a voting member.
Chair: Peggy O'Neill
Vice Chair: Cindy Christensen
Secretary: Jim McVey


Membership consists of those who are ex officio and of representatives of each parish.

Parish Representatives Voting Members
St. John Parish

Brent Ulven, FC (2015)
Nick Barrett (2022)
Peggy O'Neill (2021)
Dan Harrison (2020)


Sacred Heart Parish

Laura Thomas, FC (2015)
Colleen Smith (2022)
Cindy Christensen (2021)
Connie Wilson (2020)


St. Francis Xavier Parish

Amy McDaniels, FC (2018)
Jim McVey (2022)
Jeff Pentico (2020)

Cluster Faith Formation Commission

Bobbi McVey
(Cluster Faith Formation Commission Representative)



Parish Civil Corporations

President: Archbishop Michael O. Jackels, S.T.D.
Vice President: Msgr. Thomas E. Toale, Ph.D.
Secretary: Fr. Jerry Blake