Adult Formation


Who is RCIA for?

  • Individuals age 7 to adult who were never baptized.
  • Individuals age 7 to adult who were baptized in another Christian church
  • Individuals age 7 to adult who were baptized in the Catholic church but have not received full reception into the church through the Sacraments of Eucharist or Confirmation.

What is RCIA?
RCIA is a process which is designed to educate individuals in the Catholic faith and prepare individuals age 7 to adult (see above) to receive the sacraments of the Church.  We hope that you will enjoy a deeper relationship with God as you also get to know members of our Cluster and the Church world-wide.  Through the process you will see how your own experiences and beliefs have called you through God's invitation to explore the Catholic faith.  During this time, members of our Cluster community are praying for you, attending classes with you and sharing their own stories of faith and their faith journey.  

For more information on the RCIA process or to begin your journey through RCIA, please contact Karen Newman in the Cluster office at 515-532-3586 or by email at

In the meantime we encourage and invite you to attend Mass and participate in the many opportunities and events in our Cluster.